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Research Report

Adaptive Blind Separation of Instantaneous Linear Mixtures of Independent Sources

Šembera Ondřej, Tichavský Petr, Koldovský Zbyněk

: ÚTIA AV ČR v.v.i, (Praha 2016)

: Research Report 2360

: FV10645, GA MPO

: blind separation, algorithms, block gaussian separation

: http://library.utia.cas.cz/separaty/2017/SI/tichavsky-0480768.pdf

(eng): In many applications, there is a need to blindly separate independent sources from their linear instantaneous mixtures while the mixing matrix or source properties are slowly or abruptly changing in time. The easiest way to separate the data is to consider off-line estimation of the model parameters repeatedly in time shifting window. Another popular method is the stochastic natural gradient algorithm, which relies on non-Gaussianity of the separated signals and is adaptive by its nature. In this paper, we propose an adaptive version of two blind source separation algorithms which exploit non-stationarity of the original signals. The results indicate that the proposed algorithms slightly outperform the natural gradient in the trade-off between the algorithm’s ability to quickly adapt to changes in the mixing matrix and the variance of the estimate when the mixing is stationary.

: BI

: 10307