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Innovation Award 2016 - 09.12.2016
Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship of the Czech Republic awarded Ing. Milan Talich, Ph.D. and his team the main prize for their work „Expert system for monitoring of deformations of hazardous objects and locations“, which was created in cooperation with Geodézie Ledeč nad Sázavou s.r.o. This prestigious contest was established in 1996.
CDS&T 2015 Competition Award - 16.06.2016
diplom Raissa Likhonina
Ing. Raissa Likhonina from the Department of Signal Processing (ZS) received the Dean's prize of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences in the Students category of the 13th annual nationwide competition Czech traffic infrastructure / technology / innovation of the year 2015 for her diploma thesis Numerical simulation of impact with barries.

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