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Model-based control of mechatronic systems for robotics

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The project is aimed at solution of problems of control of mechatronic systems in robotocs, which form main parts of industrial applications. The basis of the project is development of multi-step model-based control strategies with considering of nonlinearities and dynamical properties of mechatronic systems. The project objectives are the following: 1) Development of model-based methods of optimal and predictive control for mechatronic systems. 2) Modeling of multidimensional mechatronic systems in-depth with design of kinematical and dynamical optimized trajectories for their motion. 3) Suppression of deviations arisen from inaccuracy of mathematical description of reality given by impossibility to exactly model not only static insensitivities and production backlashes but also elasticity during dynamic process. 4) Solution of on-line adaptation of predictive control for change of load of mechatronic system. 5) Change to nonlinear design of multi-step control by combination of locally designed controllers with nonlinear predictions in generalized nonlinear predictive control (dual-mode control). 6) Experimental verification and assignment of basis for use in practice with their electronic publication.
vkralova: 14.11.2017 - 15:19