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The AS Department ensures, organizes and produces amount of lectures, educational materials, seminars, conferences and workshops within the domain of decision making, advanced control and related areas. The department produces a significant amount of educational material on Bayesian Decision Making. This page summarizes the information about the main educational activities held in the department.

Educational materials

The educational materials on Bayesian decision making produced in AS Department are presented at this page. The material is organized so that to be potentially useful for different target groups of users: from students and PhD students to engineers solving practical problems.

Topics for students

The AS Department offers the students the wide range of research directions both of theoretical and applied nature. They can be taken by students as the topics for their diploma projects, Bachelor or Master work or Ph.D. study.


The AS Department holds regularly the seminars on Monday at 10.30 in room 474. Furthermore, it manages the seminars of the Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics (CSKI), which usually held on every odd Tuesday of a month at 14.00 in the lecture room No. 474.


The AS Department organizes conferences and workshops, which aim at helping their active participants to cope with the tasks of up-to-date Information Technologies and Control and, in a wider context, at helping them to come in useful in a changing, multicultural and multinational but gradually integrating Europe.

University courses

The teaching activities of the AS members, being held at the universities and the educational institutions, are presented here along with a brief description and a time-table.
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